The pro model

Our collaborative partner AUDIO LOUNGE w/ Lars-Bo Kjaer provides a top-class delivery – the only thing you have to do is write the manuscript.

Investment of 3 sound clips of maximum 2 minutes including speak fee, editing and sound design:

  • One language DKK 10.000
  • Two languages DKK 16.000
  • Three languages DKK 22.000

The cocreation model

In collaboration with Sound Researcher & Designer Ingeborg Okkels, you record the sound files and mix it. She will bring the sound equipment, skills and facilities needed throughout the day. You have the opportunity to invite employees, volunteers or some guests (children and adults), who can speak in the chosen language – up to 8 participants.

It is a great model there you get a high quality of sound and you save the expense of booking professional speakers.

Investment DKK 20.000

do it yourself

Do it yourself

Maybe you already have the necessary equipment needed, otherwise you can buy a handheld microphone and a suitcase with audio props from us and do it yourself.

This solution is optimal, if you have an employee with flair for sound and technology. The sound quality is of course not as the other two models, but it sure can get really good.

Investment DKK 7.000

All prices are excl. VAT and shipping.

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