Facts about StoryTeller

StoryTeller is a renewable guide that makes the experience more present and enables the visitors to see and experience more.

Storyteller transforms kinetic energy into sound, it is the user that creates the power by turning the steering wheel.

The simplicity of the design allows Storyteller to be placed in any environment – make Storyteller unique by customizing the design.

The simplicity of the design allows StoryTeller to be placed in any environment – make StoryTeller unique by customizing the design.


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Meet sustainable Nordic design

Storyteller is based on the knowhow and experience built in EnergiLeg. The visual expression of Storyteller is formed in collaboration with the recognized industrial designers Christian Bjørn and Rune Balle and of course EnergiLeg’s founder and creative director Ole Jönsson.


“Our aim has been to create a calm shape, which is both recognizable and easy to understand. The signature of StoryTeller is the outer structure made in patinated COR-TEN steel – the stable force, which will fit naturally into any surrounding”

– Rune Balle & Christian Bjørn

Through our sustainable and innovative solutions, we aim to create present experiences that inspire, convey and provide food for thought at different kinds of museums, urban spaces and outdoor areas.”

– Ole Jönsson

The 3 designers


Christian has been working with design his entire life and his work has been recognized both in Denmark and internationally. For Christian design is all about the correlation between aesthetics and functionality.


Ole is the director and founder of the engineering and energy company EnergiLeg. He is a passionate inventor with a solid technical knowledge and a heart that beats for sustainability.

His passion shines through in all the products and solutions that EnergiLeg develops, which all connects alternative energy, technology and science.


Rune graduated from the Danish School of Design in 1992 and since then he has worked with everything from user experience to concept development, form and function. It is essential to Rune that design moves and surprises you, but also that functionality is optimized without compromising on the aesthetics.

Bring it alive with sound in cooperation with EnergiLeg – we look forward to talking to you!