StoryTeller shares the hidden stories from the Iron Coast

There are a lot of intriguing stories and attractions along the West Coast of Jutland – the Iron Coast. Six StoryTellers placed in different locations along the rough coast tell these stories in three different languages to visitors from Denmark and abroad.

The goal of the Iron Coast project is to bring the classic museum experience out into the open and thus share the deep knowledge typically found in the museums outside.

“The StoryTeller gave us the opportunity to appeal to other users – to make people curious – and share the outdoor sights and stories along the Iron Coast in a different way through sound”.
Mette Lund Andersen, head of Lemvig Museum.


The StoryTeller transforms kinetic energy into sound. It is the user that creates the power by turning the red wheel. The StoryTellers along the Iron Coast have all been fitted with a characteristic red ship’s wheel since most of the stories in that area relate to the ocean. The simple design makes it possible to create a unique solution by adapting the visual expression.

It is not just the visual expression that can be adjusted on the StoryTeller. The Iron Coast project has developed and produced their own sound content with moving stories in three different languages – Danish, English and German – and it is easy to add new sound content through the USB port.

The six StoryTellers have been placed along the coast where there are important and interesting stories to share. You will find them at Bovbjerg Lighthouse, at Flyholm Rescue Station, at Strandingsmuseum St. George, Abeline’s Farm, Lemvig Museum and Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum.

At Strandingsmuseum St. George, the StoryTeller is part of the outdoor play and learn area that brings the visitors close to the stranding stories of the West Coast.

‘The StoryTeller is an integrated part of the scenario with the rescue of the stranded sailors that the play and learn area illustrates. We can see that it is very intuitive – the children run over and turn the wheel and then the parents will join them to listen to the story as well’, says Helle Henningsen, head of the Strandingsmuseum St. George.

The museum focuses on the many strandings that have happened along the West Coast. The core story is the dramatic story of the two English ships of the line, St. George and Defence that stranded near Thorsminde over Christmas in 1811. The StoryTeller helps make these stories come more alive, says Helle Henningsen.

The StoryTeller tells our core story very briefly while you stand behind the wheel and experience the whole thing – feeling the West wind in your hair and watching the North Sea where it all happened right in front of you.

At the same time, the StoryTeller creates a direct link between the outside area and the stories that are being told inside the museum.

The StoryTeller helps bring the stories of the Iron Coast alive through sound. The interactive design makes the visitors become involved in their surroundings and it invites them to step into history. Your visit will definitely be worth-while. You can see videos from some of the places here.