Even though we can not see it – the sound – it is a sense and not least a strong communication medium that is really in the spotlight all around the world at cultural institutions.

How can we tell stories and share information about UNESCO world heritage, site, areas or urban spaces? 

StoryTeller brings stories to life with sound –  a sustainable, stand-alone and interactive landmark that tells you stories and shares information.

Audio communication allows you to:

  • Appeal to other audiences
  • Involve more people including those who can not see or read
  • Activate another sharp sense – experience and learn with the ears
  • Give areas, spaces or exhibitions an extra dimension
  • Create a continuous sound scene that ties several things together
  • Surprise with an unexpected sound or enhance an experience with a supportive sound
  • Design social experiences for the whole family across ages
  • Create a strong emotional connection between people, their cultural history, nature and its landscape
  • Lead on to experiences at other locations inside or outside 

transform Pure human power into sounD

Turn the handwheel – create energy and sound and let your imagination and emotions unfold. 

No need for external electricity or batteries – the user creates the energy. This is a stand-alone solution.

storyteller shares the hidden story from the iron coast

interactiv communication

Unique danish design

Through our sustainable and innovative solutions, we aim to create present experiences that inspire, convey and provide food for thought at different kinds of museums, urban spaces and outdoor areas.” – Ole Jönsson, Creative Director

From analogue to digital

Lots of research are done in the field of analogue and digital audio communication. 

One of the important factors are:

Accessibility – think about how you can minimize barriers for the user. For example, an app has far more barriers, than a simpler, interactive solution where the user has to turn on a physical product to create sound.

This can actually cause the number of activations of the audio communication to go from approx. 0.5 percent to 50 percent.

listen more expierience more


Already in 2011 our company met with the Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark (in the middle of the photo) to talk about more sustainable solutions. This event took place in Frederiksborg Castle Gardens.

building a community together with pioneers

You are selected to be one of the first in our american community. Become a pioneer in sustainable audio communication – please join our community. 

Our StoryTeller is a huge succes on the Scandinavian market and it is time to explore the international markets. Contact us if you are interested in joining our adventure in the American continent.


By answering the questionnaire you share your knowledge about the current status of the use of audio communication as well as the specific challenges associated with designing and using audio communication in practice.

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EnergiLeg is based in Elsingore – one of the Danish royal palaces Kronborg Castle, Willam Shakespeare and Hamlet are some of the things this town is famous for.

EnergiLeg is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of interactive human powered or renewable energy audio communication and learning equipment. The Storyteller is one of the danish designs made by EnergiLeg.